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K-9 Unit


The West Haven Police Department is extremely proud of it's K9 Unit. 

The West Haven Police Department's K-9 Unit was started in 1986 with one K-9 team  assigned to
Patrol Division.  The K-9 Unit was eventually expanded to three K-9 teams.  Each K-9 team is
scheduled to work a particular shift.  The K-9 teams are a great asset to the West Haven Police
Department, surrounding towns and the public in general. Besides performing normal police duties,
the K-9 teams have performed many demonstrations for the children and adults of the City of West Haven.

Members of the West Haven Police Department K-9 Unit must pass a 14 week training school at the
Connecticut State Police Department K-9 Academy in Meriden, CT. The K-9 dogs are trained in tracking
of criminals, as well as locating missing persons. They are also trained in the recovery of evidence, the
searching of buildings, and the protection of their handler.  Advanced training can include narcotic
detection and bomb detection.

Officer Vincent Costanzo who along with his K-9 partner Sarge were the first K-9 team for the West Haven
Police Department. K-9 Sarge was a member of the unit for 10 years before retiring.  Officer Costanzo
continued with his second K-9 partner Sabian who retired in 1999. 

The current K-9 teams are:

Officer Scott Bloom and his partner Hank.
Officer Matthew Haynes and his partner Tex.
Officer John Laychak and his partner Thor. 

The K-9 teams are assigned their own vehicles which are specially equipped for them. The officer and his K-9 partner live together at the officer's home and are on call 24 hours a day.

                     Current Members of the WHPD K-9 Unit

Officer Scott  Bloom has been a dog handler
since 2003.  Officer Bloom's partner is K-9 Hank (not pictured).  K9 Hank is Officer Bloom's new partner after K9 Onyx retired in 2011. Officer Bloom and K-9 Onyx finished first in their K-9 training class.  Officer Bloom was chosen as
the class speaker for the commencement ceremony.


Officer Matthew Haynes and his partner K-9 Tex are newer members of the West Haven Police Department's K9 Unit.  Officer Haynes and Tex completed their K9 training in May 2007.  
Officer John Laychak and his partner K-9 Thor are the newest members of the West Haven Police Department's K9 Unit.  They completed their training December 2007.  

                     Former Members of the WHPD K-9 Unit

Detective Paul Sires has been a dog handler since 1992. 
Detective Sires' original partner K-9 Jake retired after 9 successful
years. Detective Sires' then was partnered with K-9 Jo.  K-9 Jo has
conducted numerous successful searches & tracks for the
department and was cross-trained in the detection of narcotics. They participated in the 10th Annual State of Connecticut Police K-9 Olympics and won two Best Team Awards in the Criminal Apprehension and Obstacle events.

Det. Sires and K9 Joe retired in March 2008.

Pictured Left to right: K-9 Jake, K-9 Jo and Detective Sires
Officer Viele pictured with his partner K-9 Cezar.  K-9 Cezar retired November 7, 2006 and served the department for 6 1/2 years.


Officer Carr and his partner (retired) K9 Ranger




Officer Usha Carr with his partner K-9 Ranger (retired).  Officer Carr and K-9 Ranger served in the K9 unit from 1995 through 2002.






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